CSCI3110 Lab2: Object-oriented Programming Solved

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  • learn to work with multiple classes



This assignment is similar to the first project. In this assignment, please write a program that provides a way for you to search and display information of all students in the class. Student records including c# and scores of multiple categories are saved in the file point.dat. Your program should:

  • First, read all student information from the text file and store them in an array of Student objects.
  • Calculate total score and final letter grade. The total score is the sum of CLA, OLA, Quiz, Homework, Exam and There will be five letter grades, A (>=90), B (>=80), C (>=70), D(>=60), and F(<60). The letter grade is determined based on the total score.  For example, if the term grade is 79, then the letter grade is C, and if the term grade is 89, then the letter grade is B.
  • Prompt user to input a valid c#, and the program display all information of the student with the given c#, including the total score and final letter grade.
  • Then display information of all students, including total score and final letter grade.

You can proceed as follows:

  • Design and implement the class Student, which represents ID, score information of a student. You will store instances of this class in the Roster class.
  • Design and implement the class Roster, which represents class roster and provides approaches to manage the roster.

Skeleton header files for Student and Roster are provided. In skeleton files, all member data and some functions are defined. However, predefined functions may be not enough. Additional functions may be required to accomplish the task.

Assignment Objectives:

This assignment provides experience in the new programming paradigm — object-oriented programming. In other words, you need to design classes with an appropriate interface (i.e. the set of public functions), and make them work together to accomplish the specified task.



  • You are required to use C++ classes for this program. You should have a “Student” class, and a “Roster” class. Header files for these classes are provided by the instructor. It is not necessary to modify the provided header files.


  • Output for this program must clearly and neatly show that the program does work and that it works correctly.


  • The files you need to submit are: Student.h, Student.cpp, Roster.h, Roster.cpp, and ola2.cpp.



How to download assignment files:

Go to the URL: and download the file, which contains the following files:

  • doc: this file
  • doc: a rubric used to grade this assignment • OLA2.exe: an executable solution provided by the instructor.
  • h: the header for the class Roster. • Student.h: the header for the class Student.