CSCI3110 Lab1: Structure and Array Solved

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  • learn to work with arrays, structures, and I/O
  • to be familiar with Visual Studio environment



In this assignment, please write a program that provides a way for you to search and display information of all students in the class. Student records including c# and scores of multiple categories are saved in the file point.dat. Your program should: • First, read all student information from the text file and store them in an array.

  • Prompt user to input a valid c#, and the program display all information of the student with the given c#.
  • Then display information of all students. Requirements


You are required to

  • declare a structure Student to hold all information of a student, such as C# and all scores.
  • declare a local variable Roster in main function as an array of Student structure. This array will hold information of all students.
  • declare and implement the following functions:
    • a function to read from the text file o a function to print one student
    • a function to print information of all students
  • the name of the source file must be: cpp.


Global variables are not allowed.



How to download assignment files:

Go to the URL: and download the file, which contains the following files:

  • pdf: this file
  • doc: a rubric used to grade this assignment • OLA1.exe: an executable solution provided by the instructor.