create a playlist of your favorite songs

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You are planning a road trip and want to create a playlist of your favorite songs. Assume that the song titles are in an array of strings. Create a shuffle of your songs (permutation of your original songs). Use the Fisher–Yates shuffle algorithm that works in O(n) running time. We will use a method that creates pseudo-random numbers (see end for help) in O(1) running time. The basic idea is to start from the last element, swap it with a randomly selected element from the whole array (including last). In the next step you will consider the array from 0 to n-2 (size reduced by 1), and repeat the process until you reach the first element. Write a program that uses the provided Playlist.txt as input and outputs the shuffled array in a file called LastNameFirstNamePlaylist.txt. Follow the next pseudocode: To shuffle an array a of n elements (indices 0..n-1): for i from n – 1 downto 1 j = random integer with 0 <= j <= i exchange a[j] and a[i] Create appropriate JUnits to test your program.