Console Assignment3-numerator & denominator in a reduces fraction Solved

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1.  Date and Time difference

Write functions, with given prototypes, for computing difference of dates and times:

int datediff(int y1,int m1,int d1,int y2,int m2,int d2,int& yd,int& md,int& dd);

// return value is the difference in number of days

// reference parameters used for difference in terms of years, months and days  // write proper checks for leap year, number of days in months, etc.

int timediff(int h1,int m1,int s1,int h2,int m2,int s2,int& hd,int& md,int& sd);

// return value is the difference in number of seconds

// reference parameters used for difference in terms of hours, minutes and seconds

2.  Cartesian and Polar conversion

Write a function that can convert Cartesian coordinates to Polar coordinates. Write another function for Polar to Cartesian conversion.

3.  Geo-coordinates

Write a single function that can convert Geo-coordinates (Longitude and Latitude) expressed in degrees, minutes and seconds to their decimal equivalent.

Consider the following resources for explanation of Geo-coordinates and their conversion:

4.  Reduce fraction

Write a function that takes two positive integer arguments as the numerator and denominator of a fraction, and reduces the fraction.  This reduction is achieved by dividing each of the two arguments by the greatest common divisor of the two integers.  The function should return the value 0 (to indicate failure to reduce) if either of the two arguments is zero or negative, and should return the value  1 otherwise.

Thus, for example, if  m  and   n are two integer variables with values 25 and 15 respectively; then passing them as parameter to reduce function, will result in their values 5 and 3, upon exit from the function.