Console Assignment4- grade sheet of students Solved

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A teacher needs to determine the performance of her students. Total class strength (i.e. maximum number of students in a class) is limited to 50. Each student is given a roll number that is a 4 digit integer value ranging from 1000 – 9999. Teacher evaluates the students on 5 different exams, each having different weight-age and total marks.

Teacher needs a program that can: 1.      get input from the teacher:

  • weight-age of each of 5 exams sequentially  total marks of each of 5 exams sequentially
  • roll number and score of each student in all the 5 exams input on a single line, separated by white space. For multiple students multiple lines are input, terminating with an end of input delimiter taken as 0. If a student was absent in a specific exam then her score in the exam will also be 0. Following is a sample input showing data of 3 students:

1050 5 10 0 30 23

1042 7 11 5 19 21

1061 2 13 1 15 17


  1. Compute the total score obtained by each student using the following formula:

Σ si / ti * wi               ,                      for i in the range 1 – 5,           where, i represents the exam, s represents score earned in the exam, t represents total marks of the exam, w represents weight-age of the exam

  1. Display the mark sheet showing for each student: roll number, score obtained in each exam and the total score obtained. Mark sheet needs to be shown either in the ascending order of roll number or descending order of total score. Ask the teacher to enter the sort order as input.
  2. Allow the teacher to search for the marks details of a specific student based upon the roll number

Use parallel arrays to implement the program. Implement support for sorting and searching using Selection Sort and Binary Search.