CIS 1111 1D Arrays Solved

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The X, Y & Zilch company manages a paper list of hundreds of their product codes, adding and removing the codes from the list on a frequent basis. The company has hired you to write a program which will allow them to easily, and electronically, manage the list of product codes.

Write a program which maintains the product list of codes by storing them in an array, and allowing the product codes to be easily added and removed.


1.       In main define an array of 1,000 product codes (each code is 3 digits)

2.       Display a menu with the options to add, remove, or display the codes. Allow the user to repeatedly add, remove, or display the codes.  There will be 3 functions: add, remove, and display.

3.       Function 1. Add_Codes: this function adds the new product code to the array, at the end of the existing product codes; the array can contain any number of product codes at any time; however, if the array becomes full, do not add the code and display a “full” message.

a.       For example, if the array of product codes contained these four values: 126 498 365 712, and the Add_Codes function was called to add code 695, the five array values would then look like this: 126 498 365 712 695 (695 added to end).

4.       Function 2. Remove_Codes: this function will match the product code to the codes in the array and if matched, will move all the codes in the array which are to the right of the matched code to the left one position, effectively eliminating the matched code (hint: after shifting the codes, adjust the number of codes in the array). If the product code does not match any code in the array display an error message, or if the array becomes empty do not remove the code and display an “empty” message.

a.       If the Remove_Codes function was then called to remove code 365, the array’s four values would look like this: 126 498 712 695 (codes to the right of 365 shifted “down” to the left, over 365).

5.       Function 3: Display Codes.


Zipped file named which contains:

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3.       Screen shot of your output.

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