Small bookstore Inventory Solved

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You have been hired by a bookstore to provide them a system that can maintain the costs of up to 3 different book titles; it’s a small bookstore. The owners would like to be able to do the following:

  •         1.    Enter the names of 3 books.

2.    Enter the cost of each book being maintained.

  1. Enter the quantity of each book
  2. Calculate the total value of each book title

5.    Provide the total costs of inventory (total of all the books in inventory – see formula)

  1. Provide the average cost of inventory of all books

Total Value of each book = Cost * Quantity

Total Inventory = (Sum of (Cost * Quantity) of each book)

(i.e. multiply the cost of each book by the quantity entered and add all these to obtain the total cost of inventory)

Average Cost of Inventory = Total Inventory \ Total Quantity of Books

Assume the following:   3 names and costs were entered.

The input/output for each of the respective requirements should be similar to (assumes all 3 books were entered):

The list of inventory is:

Book Title                             Cost        Quantity                Inventory Value

1.    Fury                               $ 24.12         2                       $ 48.24

2.    Little Women               $ 5.00          3                        $ 15.00

  1. War and Peace           $ 27.00        1                       $ 27.00


The total cost of inventory is: $ 90.24

The average cost of inventory: $ 30.08.