Circuit Packet Switching and VPNs Solved

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Circuit Packet Switching and VPNs.  Please respond to the following:

  • From the e-Activity, analyze at least one major advantage of private networks and the impact it creates for a communication technology organization. Be sure to provide your source either as an article or URL.
  • From the e-Activity, compare three VPN services available to organizations to determine the primary differences among each. Discuss the pros and cons of each VPN service and suggest the type of organization that would best fit each network provider.



From the E-activity , analyze at least on major advantages of private networks  and the impact it creates for a communication technology o communication ntechnology organization.

A virtual private network or VPN ,is private network that utilizes the Internet to connect remote sites or users together .This gives users on the go the flexibility to connect to their corporate servers wherever they are and gives the corporation the piece of miond that their data is secure.One of the main advantage of private network is that  VPN services encrypts your Internet  and makes ones on line activity completely anonymous and inaccessible to any third party.The greatest impact to the organizations is cost saving  and network socially it saves them money through the reduction of reducing long distance  telephone charges.

From the E activity compare three VPN services available to organizations to determine the primary differences among each

Some of the most used VPN services are-

ExpressVPN-  it offers comprehensive Internet security and guarantees  anonymous browsing .it uses multiple VPN protocol as well as powerful encryption to ensure your on line activity remains secure. The disadvantages of it is that is very expensive while its advantage is that  its security features is above all  and can also be provide protection on both computer and mobile devices. its mostly used in Movie theaters.

NordVPN services has  one of the most secure systems to protect browsing activity  and sensitive information while on the Internet. Compared to other services you save more money .It uses double technology encrypting data not once but twice , which ensures more security.Because of its ability to support in 13 different llanguages it can be used in almost every industry.Some of the advantages is that they do a lot of things right. They do   alot to reinforce their trustworthiness while providing good user experiences while some disadvantages is that its not strong.It is mostly used in Governments agencies.

PureVPN  -operates a self managed VPN network that currently stands at 750 + servers in 141 countries and promises fastest speed possible. it offers virtual router within its windows application with this feature , you can convert your windows based desktop or laptop into a virtual router and use it to connect up to ten devices.Advantages  are, they offer themselves a straightforward service with very advanced ,solid backed. and their speed is enormous While its disadvantages are  its not perfect it has some issues. It can perfectively be used in large organizations.


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