Assignment 8 Solved

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Question 1

Design a program (pseudo-code & flowchart) that uses Arrays to compute the average of 5 Quiz scores. Use an array to store the data for the 5 quiz scores. Use a loop (for loop 1 to 5) to input the 5 quiz scores from the user.

Then calculate the average score and print it out.

Question 2

Design a program (pseudo-code & flowchart) that allows a user to enter 10 numbers, then displays them in the reverse order of their entry. You should use an Array to store the data, and your output should go to the console window. Use loops to read in the data and to output the data.

Question 3

Write the pseudo-code/flowchart for an application that uses 2 Arrays. The  first Array should store Fahrenheit temperatures. The Fahrenheit temps should start at 0 and go up to 300, incrementing by 30. The second Array should store the equivalent Celsius temperatures. (Formula is: Celsius =(Fahrenheit-32.0)  (5.0/9.0)). After you have stored this data in these two arrays, print out the data to the output console. Don’t worry about formatting the Celsius data.

Question 4

The Midville Park District maintains five soccer teams, as shown in the table below. Design a Visual Logic flowchart that accepts a player’s team number and displays the player’s team name. Check for an invalid team number (a number that is not between 1 and 5 inclusive) and issue an error message and

then continue on to the next input. Keep accepting team numbers and printing out an appropriate message until a sentinel value is input (zero, 0), then quit. (Hint: Use an Array to store the team names, for easy access to these team names.)