Factorial Application Solved

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Code an application that prompt the user to enter an integer. The application will compute the factorial of the integer using recursion. This application must be supported by a GUI that implements major GUI elements (labels, text fields, buttons, event handlers, mouse handlers, etc.):

  • Your GUI must have the title “RECURSION”
  • Code a label titled ‘Number:’ followed with a text field to input an integer.
  • Code a label titled ‘Factorial:’ followed with a non-editable text field to output the factorial.
  • Code a button titled ‘Submit’: this button should trigger an error event if clicked before a number is entered by user
  • Code an even handler that will trigger an error-beep of your choice and red background color on the input if the input is not an integer.
  • Code an even handler that will trigger a correct-input-beep of your choice and green background if the input is correct.

Your program must be very modular and you must code the needed validation (i.e. validating input).

  • Factorial.java_.zip