Assignment 4 third.html and third.js Solved

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Assignment 4
Create two files, one named third.html and the other named third.js Write code to create a web page that uses a JavaScript program to output a NASA style count down: Ten Nine … One Ignition Start Liftoff We have Liftoff!
Each line must be displayed in the browser window.
An alert must be used to control when the next line is displayed.
Create a generic function that outputs one line of the countdown on the web page, followed by an alert, and receives the data to output as an input parameter.
Use that function to output each line of the countdown, and an alert.
Please note that you are outputting the countdown to the browser window this time, not to an alert! The alert is only being used to signal when to output the next line.
Important Note: Depending on which browser you are using to view your web page, the alert messages may or may not be displayed alternately with each line output to the web page. Some browsers (Internet Explorer) display all the alerts first and then display the countdown on the page.
The program should have fewer lines of code than assignment 2. Hint: use a loop when displaying the numeric part of the countdown. You can output the countdown numbers as before or as digits (Ten or 10, Nine or 9, etc.) Use comments and lay the code out so it can be easily followed!