FINAL PROJECT Final Week Solved

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You are required to create a website that has at least several functions using JavaScript (40% of the project should be based on JavaScript)

Flow chart demonstrating design and logic of JavaScript 20
External JavaScript 10
Clear concise code with annotation 10
Usage of Selection (If Statement) 10
Usage of loops 20
Usage of a 2D Array 20
Standard HTML/CSS Website with several pages 10

Final Project Points 100
Also, please note, there’s an extra credit option I’ve created for all of you with regards XXXXX XXXXX a page with JQuery functionalities. I’ve attached those requirements to this e-mail and will soon upload a copy to Angel. This extra credit page will have to be included in your Final Project submission and thus will also have to be submitted Finals Week. Below are the requirements for earning the extra credit:
Create a separate page as part of your final project and utilize some of the JQuery functions within the JQuery Overview I created for the class ( The tutorial and the extra credit option is to encourage you to learn some JQuery coding skills that I feel would be useful in your future web development
Working usage Show, Hide, or Toggle Functionality 5
Working usage of getting the value of an input field 5
Working usage of updating elements with the text or html function 5
Working event handling functionality (click, keypress, change, etc) 5
Working JQuery array iteration 5
Working use of a new JQuery function, event handler, etc you find from that you liked and/or found useful. Please make sure to add a note on what that function is as a paragraph in the page with a link to the JQuery API page where you found the examples on how to use or apply the functionality. 10
Possible Extra Credit Points 35