605.201 Module 13 Solved

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The Module 13 Assignment is to convert a non-generic Java class into a generic Java class and demonstrate functionality by instantiating with several different types

The source code for the non-generic class came from GeeksForGeeks A Computer Science Portal for Geeks

In case the hyperlink is ever broken, a copy of the page is captured in this document

The source code for the Doubly Linked List example in Java was copied, modified to move the attributes to the bottoms of classes, make the attributes private to support information hiding, and comments changed from C to Java style and then saved in this Java source file


The DLL class is written as a Doubly Linked List of ints.  Modify the class to be generic and demonstrate with the following elements of the three types

Integer: 1, 5, 10

Double: 2.0, 6.0, 12.0

String: “Dog”, “Cat”, “Horse”

Submit Requirements, Design, Source Code, and Program Execution Output


  • Module13.zip