605.201 Introduction to Programming Using Java Module 12 Assignment Solved

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This assignment will involve modifying that application to include calculating the price of pizzas.  Assume that the price of a small pizza is $5.00, the price of a medium pizza is $8.00, and the price of a large pizza is $11.50. The price of each topping (not including plain) is $0.50 for a small pizza, $1.00 for a medium pizza, and $1.75 for a large pizza.   Create a GUI using JavaFX similar to the image below which calculates and displays the total price for a pizza as the selections change (real-time price calculations, no calculate button). You may choose how and where the price will be displayed on your GUI interface.

Note the program should start with Pizza Size Small and Toppings Plain selected (note this is not reflected in the image below).  Selection of Plain under toppings clears all of the other topping selections.  Selecting a topping other than Plain clears Plain selection (if selected).  Make sure you size your window appropriately so there is not excessive empty space but a little larger than minimum necessary to accommodate different system default character fonts.

5Submit the source code files in a zip file named as follows: Assignment12 followed by an underscore (_) followed by your first name initial, followed by your last name, followed by your course section number. For example, if your name is Jane Smith and you are in section 81 your zip file would be Assignment12_jsmith81.zip.

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