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Declaring and Initializing a Keyboard Structure and Student Array, and Using Enumerated Data Types


 Write a code snippet that declares a structure for a keyboard. The struct has a Boolean for whether or not the keyboard has a built-in mouse, it has a Boolean for whether or not the keyboard has a number pad, it has an int for the number of keys on the keyboard, it has a string for the color of the keyboard.2. Declare two Keyboard variables (using your declaration from snippet

1). Initialize one using the curly braces.
Initialize the second keyboard by assigning a value to each structure member variable individually (using an assignment statement)

.3. Define an structure for a student which contains a name (string), age (int), ID (int), and GPA (double).

4. Declare an array of students which can contain 35 students. Assume that the array has been filled with students.
Write a loop that displays each student on the console using ‘cout’ stream variable.

5. Create an enumerated data type for the months of the year.

6. Write code that declares three month variables and assigns July, August, and November to these variables. Then display their value using cout.

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