white box testing for MyFax Java class

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You were hired to design, write, and execute a complete unit test (white box testing) for MyFax Java class, written by a developer who suddenly left the team. You are provided the source code (MyFax.java) and you are to assume that code comments are correct for what each method is supposed to do and the code is supposed to match it.


  1. Assignment: Design unit test cases for 100% code coverage using statement coverage
    1. Design and document unit test cases to meet 100% code coverage of MyFax.java source code. Your test cases should test the expected behavior of the methods.


  1. The set of test cases should represent the minimal set needed for 100% code coverage, specifically 100% statement coverage (every line of code executed). There should be no redundancy where two test cases test exactly the same lines of code and add nothing more to the test suite relative to statement code coverage.
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