Week 4 Solved

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The user should be able to accomplish the following:

  • Enter the cost per kilowatt-hour.
  • Select from a list of home appliances which includes a <<laundry washer>> or <<cloth washer>>, among other appliances.<<Refrigerator>>
  • <<TV>>
  • <<Space Heater>>
  • <<Fan>>
  • <<Dryer>>
  • <<Oven>>
  • Enter the power needed in kilowatts (kW) for the selected appliance.
  • Enter the number of hours used per day for the selected appliance.
  • If the washer is selected, enter both the number of gallons of water used by the washer per hour and the cost per gallon.

The program should do the following:

  • Validate that the data entered has the correct format, and is within a reasonable range.
  • Calculate and display the cost for operating a home appliance as soon as the data is entered.
  • Listing area to display each of the following for each appliance entered:Home appliance
  • Number of hours per day
  • Cost
  • Display and update the total cost of all appliances, as soon as a new entry is added to the listing area.

Write the code for the program and test the results.

Zip the files of the project together.

  • week4-1.zip