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A College Book Store is running a sale on Twentieth Century American novels during the first week in December. The College is hosting a huge convention of English Professors during that week. (The Convention is about Twentieth Century American Literature.) They need a special program to expedite the sale of novels they are featuring.

Write a Visual Basic (.Net) program that calculates the customer bill when taking orders for these novels. Special discounts are being offered to the following:

Students at the College (15%)

Faculty (20%)

College Staff Members (10%)

Other New Jersey College Students (10%)

In addition, you must include NJ tax in your calculations (6%), except for Faculty members, who pay no tax on class books.

Use a form menu to do the following:

calculate each individual book order

calculate a summary for several book orders

exit the application

When a title is selected from the list box, it should fill in the price for the selection in the designated text box. A message box should appear when no quantity is entered. The Student radio button should be selected (“checked”) as a default when the form first appears. The Extended Price should display final price with discounts and tax.
Show transcribed image textTwentieth Century American Citerature As I Lay D The Great Gatsby The Sound and the Fury The Old Man and the Sea M Discounts Student Faculty College Staff Book Store Employee NJ Student 12.99 23.41 R ‘n R Book Sales Summary Sales Total: $34.42 Sales Count: 2 Total of Student Discounts: $3.90 OK Questions regarding this project will be answered in class. A demonstration will be provided as well