Unit III Homework Assignment Solved

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  1. a. Identify four network classifications, define them, and list the advantages and disadvantages in this table. Fill in the provided template.
Network ClassificationsDefinitionsAdvantagesDisadvantages


  1. b. Sketch/draw the four different networks. Use whatever tools are necessary to make your drawings. In addition to any sketch tools that you may have on your computer, Word offers Shapes and SmartArt in the toolbar, both of which may be helpful in illustrating networks.


  1. List six protocols that are used on the Internet and what they are used for.


  1. Make a timeline of events associated with the evolution of the Internet


  1. For this essay, you are going to be using the information tool, Wikipedia, briefly to find original sources on the subject of cloud computing. I want you to verify two references in Wikipedia, and write a 200-word essay on any aspect of cloud computing that you want. Look on page 290 of your textbook for some helpful hints.

Keep in mind that you will be using references found in the Wikipedia article, and you do NOT cite Wikipedia. You are using this as a research tool to drill down to find the factual sources.

Keep in mind that CSU has a strict policy against using Wikipedia as a source in assignments. If you would like to view the policy, it is available in the CSU Online Library under the “Research Tools” link.

All references and citations used must be in APA style.

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