TDC 363 Homework #4 Solved

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TDC 363 Homework #4 Solved

Submit your answers on D2L in PDF format.  Include your name in your answers file.

  1. (5 points) Describe the purpose of the OSPF Hello message.
  2. (5 points) On a router that has OSPF enabled with default settings, a network manager configures the following:

Rtr (config)# interface s0/2/0

Rtr (config-int)# bandwidth 2000

The network manager could have achieved the same result using this configuration:

Rtr (config)# interface s0/2/0

Rtr (config-int)# ip ospf cost xxxx

What value should be put in place of ‘xxxx’ in this command to make the OSPF link cost exactly the same as the OSPF link cost generated by the ‘bandwidth 2000’ command above?



  1. Assume that routers R1, R2 and R3 run OSPF on all interfaces with default link costs.
    1. (15 points) Using the table below, or creating your own, fill in the contents of the R3 routing table.  Each Next Hop value must be an IP address or “None”.  OSPF Metric is the path cost to the destination, including the destination subnet.

Router R3 Routing Table

Destination Subnet ID OSPF Metric Outgoing Interface Next Hop


  1. (5 points) Assuming that the administrator has not set any router-ids and there are no hidden interfaces, what is the numerical value for the R2 OSPF router-id, using the IP addresses in the network diagram?
  2. (5 points) What is a designated router?   What advantage do they provide?
  3. (5 points) Assume there is another router, R0, with Fa0/0 interface connected to the switch.  The R0 Fa0/0 IP address is and R0 has no other interfaces.  Assuming default OSPF router-ids, and based on the specific IP addresses in this diagram, which router (R0 or R1) will become the Designated Router (DR) for the subnet?  Why?
  1. (5 points) Describe the contents of a Link State Database.
  2. (5 points) What is the Administrative Distance for any OSPF route?  Your answer should be a number.
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