Student Manager in CPP Solved

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In this assignment, you will implement dynamic data structure such as Linked List


At a local university each student takes a different number of courses, so the registrar has decided to use a linked list to store each student’s class schedule and an array to store the student ids. For example:

Your program will read the data from input file in order to create student arrays as well as the linked list containing student records

The student array or the linked list may be manipulated using insert, append or delete operations. For example an existing student may add or drop a course; a new student is added to the registration system or an existing one dropped from the system

Provide operations for creating the original array, inserting a student’s initial class schedule, adding a course, dropping a course, adding or removing the student from the registration system

Write the menu driven program to allow user to select various operations as discussed above, including exiting the program; output the linked list as well as the student array to the console.

Note: your program must maintain a sorted array by student id as well as the linked list sorted by the course name.


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