SOLVED:Write a console program (java) that:

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Write a console program (java) that: Uses a while loop to perform the following steps:
1. Prompt the user to input two integers: firstNum and secondNum where
secondNum is at least 10 greater than firstNum, both numbers are positive
integers, and secondNum is less than 1000.
2. Verify that the user entered acceptable numbers, and if not, provide error
feedback and prompt them again.
3. Output all results to a file in the same directory as the program, placing an
appropriate label between each section of output. Note that your program
must be able to run repeatedly overwriting the file from the previous run.
4. Output all odd numbers between firstNum and secondNum inclusive, one
number per line.
5. Output the sum of all numbers between firstNum and secondNum
exclusive. Uses a for loop to perform the following steps:
1. Continue writing to the same file as before.
2. Write a label as before.
3. Output all numbers from secondNum to firstNum in a single line with
commas separating the numbers.
 Write the date and time as the last line in the file in the format yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss.Notes:
1. Inclusive means that the firstNum and secondNum are output if
2. Exclusive means that the firstNum and secondNum are not output.
3. The instructor will attempt to crash your program by entering numbers
you don’t expect — if you program throws an exception you will be
marked down!
4. While this looks like a daunting task, it is actually very simple — just think
it through!

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