SOLVED:Project 2 Using Project 1 as the base

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Using Project 1 as the base, add the following to the game environment:

1) A minimum of 3 spheres moving through a frictionless environment with gravity.

The environment should be a confined cube area for the spheres to collide and respond. The application does need to display the positions of the spheres in real time, and the 3D vector positions should be saved for each sphere to an output file for future plotting.  Set initial velocities and positions and run the simulation for at least 100 iterations. Design your application such that collisions and their associated responses will occur during the simulation.

2) An AI Character that will use Pathfinding techniques to navigate to the Spheres.

You should submit your completed application Java source code and required deliverables in compressed format ( in LEO by the due date listed in the syllabus.