Solved:Modify your session-based e-Commerce application from week 4

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As part of the submission for this Lab, you will modify your session-based e-Commerce application from week 4 to add database support for your products and sales.  Specifically, all product data must be organized in one or more MySQL tables. In addition, you will need to store your customer data as they order from your store. You should store all customer information including, username, password, firstname, lastname, street address, city, state, zip code, phone number, credit card number, credit card type, and expiration date and products purchases. Other fields can be added for your unique design.
Your product data should be dynamic allowing the ability for the store owner to insert new products, update existing products, delete existing products and list all available products. When designing your application, be sure to use prepared statements to minimize SQL injection. Also, make sure your Forms flow logically within your application and are presented in an attractive easy-to-use Web interface.
Create screen shots showing the successful running your application.
For your deliverables, you should submit a zip file containing your word document (or PDF file) with screen shots of the application running successfully along with your SQL script file.
Include your full name, class number and section and date in the document.