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HiQ is a single-player game where the goal is to remove as many pieces from the board as possible. Pieces are removed from the board once they have been “jumped”, similar to jumps in Checkers. The game is played on a cross-shaped board as shown. Initially, there is a single empty space in the middle of the board. Each turn involves selecting a piece to jump another piece. Only one piece may be jumped on each turn. The game ends when no more jumps are available. A player’s score is the number of remaining pieces (lower is better) at the end of the game. A score of 1 is the best possible score.
Game play Each turn, a piece is selected to jump another piece. After selecting the jumper piece, select the destination to jump to. See the steps below for an illustration.
The jumper may only jump a single piece and the jump must be up, down, left or right. No diagonal jumping allowed. A jumper may only jump a piece if there is an open space on the opposite side of the piece from where the jumper is. The following illustrations show the four valid jumps
How the game ends The player continues selecting pieces and jumping until there are no more valid moves. The following board has no valid moves (no piece has another piece next to it), so the game is ended.