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GPA CalculatorUse Visual Basic .Net 2012 to program, debug, and test the following programming project.

Submit your project files in a zip file for grading. For this programming assignment, you are not expected to incorporate any programming techniques that have not yet been covered in the class. Use skills that you have learned from your Visual Basic textbook.

Create a GPA calculator.

Ask the user to input a list of classes and the number of tests per class.
Once the user has entered this initial information, allow the list to be saved when the user exits the program.
When the program starts, any existing data should be loaded automatically.
After the user has entered the list of classes and number of tests for each class, the user can then enter grades for each test.
Create a button that allows the user to request a GPA calculation at any time. (GPA = average for each class averaged for the total number of classes in a semester.)
All programs should have basic menu options that allow the user to exit the program and perform tasks you deem necessary for the program to function correctly. After creating the program, be sure to debug and test your code.
When you are finished, zip your project file and submit to your instructor for grading.

Submit a screenshot of the executed program and the code of the program.

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