SOLVED:CMIS 315 7980 Programming in C++

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Write a program which calculates the diameter, the circumference and the area of a circle with a radius which is taken as user input.Assign the radius to a float variable and then output the radius with the appropriate message to the display. Declare a named constant PI with the value 3.14159. The program should calculate and output the diameter, the circumference and the area and output each of them on a separate line, with identifying labels. Print each value to five decimal places within a total field of 10.Be sure to include appropriate comments in your program, choose meaningful identifiers and use indentations.Save your program in the .cpp file. In the additional .doc file YourFirstInitialYourLastName_HW1.doc (e.g., JDow_HW1.doc) provide explanations and comments on your solution.Zip all the files ( .cpp and .doc above) in one archive(e.g., and submit the .zip file for grading.When using Microsoft Visual C++ Express : name the project as YourFistInitialYourLastName_HW1 , when completed – zip the whole project folder for deliverable ( add the .doc file to the project folder).

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