SOLVED: CIS 271 Week 7 Homework

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1. Choose the three layers in a Cisco Campus network design1. A VLAN is a ________ representation of a layer 2 physical network1. To run high speed links between floors of a building, what type of cabling would you use?1. The key to intelligent LAN design is ____________ 1. List two vendor technologies that allow virtual grouping of physical switchesTrue or False – Link aggregation isn’t advised when using virtual grouping of separate physical switches
1. What technology could you use to reduce the need for separate physical switches and additional wiring to segregate different types of traffic or implement additional subnets on the LAN?1. If I wanted to eliminate the problem of layer 2 loops in a LAN design, I could use1. True or False – Routing is rarely used in LAN designIf you had 700 hosts, what is the minimum number of subnets would you want to create (assuming your best practice to have each subnet as a Class C size or smaller)

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