SOLVED:Chapter 1 Programming Assignment

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All of the java classes should be placed in a package named edu.iltu.itk275.assignment1.. The class should be submitted as an attachment to this assignment. They may be submitted individually or placed into a single archive (.zip) file. Write a Java application that starts with the string variable first set to your first name and the string variable last set to your last name. Both names should be all lowercase. Your application should then create a new string that contains your full name in pig Latin with the first letter capitalized for the first and last name. Use only the pig Latin rule of moving the first letter to the end of the word and adding “ay”. Output the pig Latin name to the screen. Use the substring and toUpperCase methods to construct the new name. For example, given first = “walt” last = “savitch” The application should create a new string with the text “altway Avitchsay” and print it.

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