Solved: Wireshark Lab

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Perform the steps documented in the Wireshark Lab directions. The directions will include questions that you are to answer and steps you will take to capture screenshots of the Wireshark display (or by printing the displayed contents to a PDF document).Prepare a Word document that contains your answers to the questions, as well as your screenshots. Once you have completed your Assignment, create a zip archive that contains any PDF documents produced by printing information from within Wireshark. You will submit your Word document separately.

Submit your zip file to the Assignment 1 Part 1 – Week 6 submission link and your Word document to the Assignment 1 Part 2 Turnitin – Week 6 submission link.

Note: While both Part 1 and Part 2 submissions are required, you will only see your grade for this Assignment in the My Grades area for the Week 6 Assignment 1 Part 1.

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