SOLVED: Project Shopping Cart Program

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You are going to create a fruit shipping cart using Python program. First, the program will ask user’s information (name, address, phone number). Then, display the items menu: 1. Orange $1.00 each 2. Banana $2.00 each 3. Tomato $3.00 each 4. Grape $2.50 each 5. Pear $10.00 each 6. Lemon $0.50 each The program will let the user purchase different item with different quantities each time using loops (you can use any loop). Then, the program calculates the sub total of each item, total before tax, tax, and total. At the end, print a receipt on display and save to a file include user’s information, purchase items, total price before tax, tax (8.25%), and total price with tax (just like the receipt from HEB or Walmart).