Solved: Individual: System Reference Guide – Quality Attributes

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Complete the System Reference Guide for your employer, and include an architecture for a new employee website. First, identify the quality attributes that lead to the architecture, then create a high-level architectural diagram related to the qualities you identified for this assignment. When finished, combine these with the documents created in Weeks Two and Three.

Your company is planning to build a new website that integrates employee tracking, attendance, scheduling, and time off requests. This system will also interface with an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and a mobile application to allow employees to make attendance requests and view their data.

Part 1:

Identify the quality attributes this system will need for its architecture. Construct a matrix of quality attributes (nonfunctional requirements) that you’ve identified. For each attribute, identify how you would satisfy the requirement through an architectural pattern. In another column, write the tradeoffs that you might encounter when satisfying this requirement by the means you listed.

Part 2:

Choose one of the patterns you identified in Part 1. Create a high-level diagram that shows your architectural pattern as it is to be implemented in the system. Note: an architectural pattern is high-level, such as SOA, Layered, Client/Server, pipes-and-filters.

Incorporate your diagram and matrix into a 1- to 2-page document in Microsoft® Word. As this document is intended for a technical team, APA formatting is not required.

Combine this assignment with the assignments from Weeks Two and Three to create your final System Reference Guide in a single Microsoft® Word document

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