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You have been called upon to put together some reference materials for other groups to follow, since up until now they have not created any formal architectural documents. As a continuation from Week Two, continue to create a System Reference Guide for your employer.

For this week’s assignment, create several software architecture diagrams for your company’s online sales website. The website is to present a shopping cart system with which users can browse an online catalog and place orders for merchandise. The system also allows users to view previous orders, which is useful for tracking shipping for recent orders and for re-ordering items in the future.

Produce the following three diagrams:

To present a static model of the system, create a diagram for a layered architecture view of the system.
Using the components you identified in your layered view of the system, create an activity diagram that shows how a customer would place an order.
Create a client/server diagram to model the physical view of the system

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