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Brewster’s Used Car’s, Inc. employ several sales people. Brewster, the owner of the company, has provided a file that contains sales records for each salesperson for the past month. Each record in the file contains the following two fields: The salesperson’s ID number, as an integer and the amount of a sale, as a real number. The records are already sorted by salesperson ID. Brewster wants you to design a program that prints a sales report. The report should show each salesperson’s sales and the total sales for that salesperson. The report should also show the total sales for all salespeople for the month.
Salesperson ID Sale Amount
100 $10,000
100 $12,000
100 $45,000
Total sales for this salesperson: $27,000

101 $14,000
101 $18,000
101 $12,500
Total sales for this salesperson: $44,500

102 $13,500
102 $14,500
102 $20,000
Total sales for this salesperson: $48,000
Total of all sales: $119,500