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A non-GUI based Java application that fulfills the requirements listed below. All output should be to the console/standard output. •Salespersons for Big State Books receive a commission of ten percent for each sale. In addition, the salesperson earns a 99 dollar bonus for each sales. •Write a program that prompts the salesperson for the name of the customer and the price of the textbooks sold to that customer. •The program should display the customer’s name and the total compensation (commission plus bonus) for the sale. •All input should be from the keyboard using the Scanner class. •There should be proper documentation in the source code. The documentation should include a block containing the name of the program and the name of the student, and a short description of the program. There should be comments for each line of code. •The .java source code files with the correct file names for all classes used. The program must consist of at least one public class. •Programs are expected to compile and run/execute correctly.

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