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1. Rewrite the following set of if statements using a nested if-else structure. if (score = 90) grade = ‘A’; if (score = 80 && score < 90) grade = ‘B’; if (score = 70 && score < 80) grade = ‘C’; if (score = 60 && score < 70) grade = ‘D’; if (score < 60) grade = ‘F’; 2. Rewrite the following nested if-else statement as an equivalent switch statement. if (letter == ‘A’ | | letter == ‘a’) System.out.println(“Excellent”); else if (letter == ‘B’ | | letter == ‘b’) System.out.println(“You can do better”); else if (letter == ‘C’ | | letter == ‘c’) System.out.println(“Try harder”); else if (letter == ‘D’ | | letter == ‘d’) System.out.println(“Try much harder”); else System.out.println(“Try another major! “); Write a program called Assignment3 (saved in a file Assignment3 .java) that asks a user to enter two strings. First, the program prompts: Please enter a string. The program should read in the string, and prompts: Please enter another string. The program reads in the string and performs the following:  checks if each string’s length is odd or even.  checks if two strings are same or different.  checks which string is lexically larger, or they are same.  prints out the first character (index 0) of each string  prints out a new string consisting of the first string concatenated (appended) with the second string.  prints out two strings using upper case letters. Here is the output your program should produce when the user enters the string shown in bold:

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