SDEV300 Week7- Enhance the Web page created Solved

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This exercise uses the AWS Cloud9 environment to enhance the Web page you created last week with additional functionality to include images, tables and a Form using Python flask. The Web page should include all basic components of the HTML structure including:

<!DOCTYPE html>



<title>Page Title</title>



…your page content…



In addition to the basic HTML structure components listed above along with the components you added last week, the following items should be added:

  • At least 4 different images. The images should be local on the Cloud9 IDE environment. For example, they should be saved on your AWS cloud environment and referenced similar to this syntax: <img src=”image.gif”>
  • 1 Table with at least 4 rows and 3 columns.
  • 1 form allowing a user to enter at submit data for 2 textfields, 1 textarea, and one select (drop down) component. The form should have a submit and reset button. Use Post for your action type. Data should be submitted to a Cloud9 IDE output file.

The content and topic of the new images, table and forms are up to you. It should be unique and something you want to create and aligned with the previous submission.


  1. Start early. This will take you longer than you think.
  2. Test all aspects of the form from input to output on the Cloud9 Server 3. Be sure to send me questions, if you need assistance.

2. Document your results of the application running from the AWS Cloud9 classroom environment.  Provide screen captures and descriptions of you running the Python application within AWS Cloud9 verifying you successfully started and have navigated to your Web application using your Browser. Show screen captures of your Web application running on the Browser