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The two main objectives of this project is to test your ability to (1) create and use C++ classes. A review of your knowledge of structs, arrays, iostream, file I/O and C-style strings is also included.


This project will expand Project 2 by adding additional functionality, and implementing abstract data types (ADTs) through classes.

The additional functionality is as follows: You are given an updated data file where there are 3 rental car agency locations, where each of the 3 locations (RentalAgency) has 5 cars RentalCar). You will have thesame menu options, but the functionality has been updated below. Note: using multiple helper functions to do smaller tasks will make this project significantly easier. You may want to create a function that will get a car from a location based on the location and car indices.

The RentalCar Class will contain the following data members:

– make, a C-style string

– model, a C-style string

– year, an int

– price, a float (price per day)

– available, a bool (1 = true; 0 = false; try to display true/false using the “boolalpha” flag)

and will have the following methods:

– Default Constructor, – will set the aforementioned data members to default initial values

– Parameterized Constructor – will create a new object based on the values passed into it

– Get and Set methods for all data members

– Print – will print out all the car’s data

– EstimateCost – will estimate the car’s cost given (a parameter passed to it) a number of days to rent it for.

The RentalAgency Class will contain the following data members:

– name, a C-style string

– zipcode, an int array of size 5

– inventory, an array of RentalCar objects with a size of 5

The menu must have the following functionality:

– Read ALL data from file (the file has been structured so the first line is the car agency info, followed by 5 cars).

– Print out ALL data for all agencies and all their corresponding cars in a way that demonstrates this relationship (see Sample Output section).

– Estimate car rental cost – prompt the user for an agency (e.g., Hertz)

and car number (where 1-5 are the cars at each agency).

– Find the most expensive car – print the single most expensive car out of all 3 Agencies.

– Print out ONLY the available cars – from all agencies.

– Exit program.

The following minimum functionality and structure is required:

– Ask the user for the input file name.

– The list of cars must be stored in an array of objects.

– Use character arrays (i.e., C-style) to hold your strings. No string data type!

– Write multiple functions (Hint: each menu option should be a function).

– At least on function must use pass by reference.

– Write your own string copy, string compare (or other) functions as needed.

– The other functionality and structure of the program should remain the same as Project #2, including writing to screen and file and restrictions on string libraries, global variables and constants, etc.

– For this, and hence for any other Project of similar requirements, “Print out” implies Console and File Output (the same information, but to a different file (with a characteristic name, e.g. “AllAgenciesAllCars.txt”) for each different implemented functionality.

Implement the concepts of encapsulation and data hiding as much as possible!

This is a chance to experiment as much as possible with classes, and their concepts as taught in class. It is not a strict requirement that all RentalCar data members are private at this point. Try your best in order to acquaint yourself with these new concepts at this early point, so that it pays off

in future project which will impose such hard requirements.

Sample Output for menu option 2:

Hertz 93619

2014 Toyota Tacoma $115.12 per day Available: true

2012 Honda CRV $85.1 per day Available: false

2015 Ford Fusion $90.89 per day Available: false

2013 GMC Yukon $110.43 per day Available: false

2009 Dodge Neon $45.25 per day Available: true

Alamo 89502

2011 Toyota Rav4 $65.02 per day Available: true

2012 Mazda CX5 $86.75 per day Available: true

2016 Subaru Outback $71.27 per day Available: false

2015 Ford F150 $112.83 per day Available: true

2010 Toyota Corolla $50.36 per day Available: true

Budget 93035

2008 Ford Fiesta $42.48 per day Available: false

2009 Dodge Charger $55.36 per day Available: true

2012 Chevy Volt $89.03 per day Available: false

2007 Subaru Legacy $59.19 per day Available: false

2010 Nissan Maxima $51.68 per day Available: true

The completed project should have the following properties:

– Written, compiled and tested using Linux.

– It must compile successfully using the g++ compiler on department machines.

Instructions how to remotely connect to department machines are included in the Projects folder in WebCampus.

– The code must be commented and indented properly. Header comments are required on all files and recommended for the rest of the program. Descriptions of functions commented properly.

– A one page (minimum) typed sheet documenting your code. This should include the overall purpose of the program, your design, problems (if any), and any changes you would make given more time.

Turn in: 

Compressed .cpp, .h files, and project documentation.

Submission Instructions:

– You will submit your work via WebCampus

– Name your code file proj3.cpp

– Name your RentalCar class files RentalCar.cpp, RentalCar.h

– Name your RentalAgency class files RentalAgency.cpp, RentalAgency.h

– Compress your:

1. Source code

2. Documentation

Do not include executable

DO include your makefile!

– Name the compressed folder: