Refactor your battleship drawing code from week #1 Solved

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Refactor your battleship drawing code from week #1
Download the OO template for the basic battleship game The template has the outline of a battleship game using OO constructs.
You need to add the Grid class and complete the code so that it runs correctly.
At a minimum you need to complete the Draw and DropBomb methods with code similar to the previous assignment.
There will be changes due to the different layout but the core of your code will do the same thing. This week we are adding 2 new features: Variable sized grid – the trivial part of this is making a 2d array based on the passed in size.
The second part is adding some ships to that grid – we cannot use the constant array from week #1.
You need to come up with a very simple algorithm to add a few ships to the grid. This is purely test code so it doesn’t have to be sophisticated in any way (there is time for that later in the class).
If you can’t think of any ways ask in the forums. Do not ask the user (your teacher) for input to place these ships… Game over detection. This will be implemented in the readonly property Grid.HasShipsLeft.
In this property you will determine if there are any ships left not hit with a bomb. The algorithm should look through the array for any remaining ships each time the property is read. You may add as many other methods, fields or properties as you feel are required for the assignment. Notes: The code will be tested with grids ranging in side from 5 (the smallest you can fit a size 5 ship) upwards. Make sure that all aspects of the game work correctly without crashing or hanging You must use the template code provided! Like week #1 please make sure you show the ships in the grid, at this point we are merely testing our game logic and hidden ships make the game very hard to test.