Quiz/Hw 13  A General Database CRUD App Solved

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To reinforce & test the knowledge you’ve learned for developing a web-database CRUD app.

Tasks 1. Add a table named customer to your database, with the following fields—properties:

a. custID—int, key, auto increment

b. custLastName: varchar(max)

c. custFirstName: varchar(max)

d. custNumKids: int

e. custNumPets: int

f. custBirthDate: date

g. custDateJoined: date, default: GETDATE()


2. Create the CRUD scripts (similar to last week), but named: cust-create.*, cust-retrieve.*, cust-update.*, cust-delete.*

3. Create a file named quizhw13.aspx, that has four links to your CRUD .aspx files from Task 2 (TWO GRADES OFF FOR NOT PROVIDING THIS FILE).

  • QuizHw-13.zip