PureLand Wastewater Current State Solution

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PureLand Wastewater Current State Description


This assignment requires the student to assess the current state of Cyber Security for PureLand Wastewater. This assessment can be used as part of the project to develop and present a Cyber Security Improvement Plan.

Quality of assessment

Student should strive to ensure the Current State provides a clear and concise description of the security status for PureLand based on the document titled, Site Summary Report PureLand Wastewater.doc on Blackboard in the PureLand Case Study section.

Instructions for assignment

  1. Read the PureLand Cyber Security Case Study document to understand the premise of this assignment. In summary, you are a consultant hired by PureLand Wastewater to improve their CyberSecurity due to new CFATS regulations from the US Department of Homeland Security.
  2. Write 1-2 pages on your opinion of the current state of security within their company. Highlight the areas where they are strong or weak. Consider using a SWOT analysis if you have learned that technique, but it’s not required.
  3. Submit your document to Blackboard before the due date on the assignment.
  • PureLand-Wastewater-Treatment-Inc.docx