Promineo Week 10 Assignment Solved

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URL to GitHub Repository: URL to Your Coding Assignment Video:


In Visual Studio Code, write the code that accomplishes the objectives listed below and ensures that the code compiles and runs as directed.

Create a new repository on GitHub for this week’s assignments and push this document, with your project code, to the repository.

Include the URLs for this week’s repository and video where instructed. Submit this document as a .PDF file in the LMS.

Coding Steps:

Using HTML, Bootstrap, and JavaScript create a single page website that contains the following:

A Bootstrap styled table representing your choice of data.

A Bootstrap styled form that allows a user to add a new row to the table when clicking on submit.

• •

• •

Video Steps:

• •

Create a video, up to five minutes max, showing and explaining how your project works with an emphasis on the portions you contributed.

This video should be done using screen share and voice over.

This can easily be done using Zoom, although you don’t have to use Zoom, it’s just what we recommend.

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You can create a new meeting, start screen sharing, and start recording. This will create a video recording on your computer.


This should then be uploaded to a publicly accessible site, such as YouTube.

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Week 10: Coding Assignment

Ensure the link you share is PUBLIC or UNLISTED!

If it is not accessible by your grader, your project will be graded based on what they can access.