Project 8-4: Final Touch Auto Detailing Tablet App Solved

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Complete Case Project 8-4: Final Touch Auto Detailing Tablet App on page 338 of your textbook.

Requirements Document

Application title: Final Touch Auto Detailing Tablet App

Purpose:            The Final Touch Auto Detailing business provides a variety of detailing services. The company wants an app to list each service and its price and display a calendar for making a service reservation.

Algorithms:          1. The opening screen displays an image, service descriptions, four check boxes offering different detailing services each with different prices, and a button that launches a DatePicker dialog box to make a reservation for the all-day auto-detailing services.

2. When the user taps the button, a DatePicker control is displayed in a dialog box. The user selects the date for the reservation. The dialog box displays the date and final cost of the detailing services.

Conditions:         1.Select your own image(s).

2. Write your own descriptions about the car detailing services.

3. Do not use the default theme.

4. More than one check box can be checked at once.

5. Use a Table layout.

Submit:                A .zip file containing your completed project.