Programming Assignment #4 (for Ch 7) Solved

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Problem Description


Use a single-subscripted array to solve the following problem:  A company pays its salespeople on a commission basis.  The salespeople receive $200 per week plus 9% of their gross sales for that week.  For example, a salesperson who grosses $5000 in sales in a week receives $200 plus 9% of $5000 or a total of $650.  Write a program (using an array of counters) that determines how many of the salespeople earned salaries in each of the following ranges (assume that each salesperson’s salary is truncated to an integer amount):

  1. $200-$299
  2. $300-$399
  3. $400-$499
  4. $500-$599
  5. $600-$699
  6. $700-$799
  7. $800-$899
  8. $900-$999
  9. $1000 and over

Summarize the results in tabular format.

You must create 2 separate files for this homework assignment. The Week.h file contains the class Week. The lab4.cpp file contains the main function.

Please see the example on page 300 to 305 in your textbook.

Sample Run

Problem Requirement

  1. a)     You must create 2 separate files as stated above.
  2. b)     Your program must produce the prompt and the output the same as given.
  3. Your program should run correctly with the same inputs and outputs as given in the sample run.
  4. You should write an integer function that returns the salary with the gross sales as the function argument.
  5. You should write a void function that takes the salary as the function arguments and increase the appropriate array elements.
  6. You should write a void function that to display the array elements.