program to calculate the final charge of a product at a retail store

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Design a python program to calculate the final charge of a product at a retail store. You must also create flowcharts for each function and for the program.

a.     productCharge(): should prompt the user for a valid retail charge of a product (between $10 and $5000). The value should be returned from the function

b.     productDiscount(): If product total is over $350, the customer receives a 17% discount. Return the value of the discounted product.

The Python program should prompt the user for the number of products in the order (must check that this number is between 1 and 7).  Then, by calling the function, enter the productCharge for each of the products – maintaining a total for all products. Once products are all entered, call the productDiscount function. Lastly, output the number of products, the product total, the amount of sales tax: 3% and the final total to include that tax. Note all prices should be printed to two decimal places.

2. Wri function in python that will calculate if a value is inside a defined range. The function valid, should accept 3 parameters: the value, lowest and highest member of usable range. The function should return True if value is in range and False if not.