PRG/410 Week 5 SimpleMath Program Solved

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You are now working for a department store, and your task is to create a point-of-sale application to allow customers to calculate the total cost of their sale, including taxes.

Create a C++ program that does the following:

  • Calculates sales tax and total cost based on the type of purchased product using the following categories and tax percentages:
  • Category 1 – Clothing: 6%
  • Category 2 – Beauty products: 7%
  • Category 3 – Grocery: 3%
  • Category 4 – Gardening: 6%
  • Category 5 – School supplies: 3%
  • Category 6 – Tobacco products: 10%
  • Creates an array to store the numbers users input and uses the switch statement to calculate the sales tax and final cost based on the category of the purchased product
  • Prompts the user for category and price of the product
  • Calculates and displays the final cost

Include the proper header and make sure you properly comment your program. Also, make sure you use proper coding conventions so your program runs and compiles correctly.

Compress all your Microsoft® Visual Studio® source code files from the console application folder into a ZIP file.

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