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PowerPoint C3 – Group Presentation of research on existing or emerging IT-related technology and related ethical issues (Group) (15%)


This assignment is a continuation of the individual activity (C1 and C 2) on researching an existing or emerging IT technology and its related ethical issues.


Work in your assigned groups for this assignment as it is a continuation of the individual activity (C1) on researching an existing or emerging IT technology and its related ethical issues. To satisfy this assignment, each assigned study group will need to gain consensus on the final topic drawing from the topics each member researched individually which will then be used as the single topic for the group presentation. Group members must review each individual topic submitted as Paper C1 and C2 (the synopsis version should make this easier) and select a candidate topic which will be used as the group presentation. The ability to gain consensus to work as a group and collaborate is vital to the success of this assignment!


The presentation will be developed using MS Office PowerPoint and should include:

  • 1 Title slide including names and paper title
  • 1-2 Introductory slides providing an overview of the topic selected and rationale for selection
  • 5-8 slides providing research results on emerging technologies and related issues
  • 2 slides on summary/conclusion
  • 1 – Reference slide
  • Use the notes section to elaborate on your major bullet topics

The following reference/source may further help in developing this PowerPoint presentation.  Moreover, be sure to use brief statements in your slides—word-bites—bullets that show some hierarchy of importance.  See:  How to Excel at Briefing Senior Executives:  http://www.melissalewis.com/articles/A-Briefings.pdf

Use the notes portion of PowerPoint to elaborate on key points as needed. Remember to cite sources using proper APA format and provide direct link. Ensure that your source comes from a reputable source. Do NOT submit research taken from Wikipedia sources, blogs, or sources with no date and/or author. Please refer to the course syllabus for the due date. Once all presentations are posted, there will be a follow-on conference where students can comment and remark on each group’s presentation. This is to be done in a respectful manner and is meant to provide students with positive and constructive feedback, and have the class benefit from other groups’ different research topics and conclusions.


  • PowerPoint-C3.ppt