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using c++, write driver program to to test the polynomial class developed exercise,

a polynomial of degree n has the form a0+ a1x +a2x^2 +…+anX^n where a0, a1,……an are numeric constant called coefficient of the polynomial and an !=0. for example 1+3x-7x^3+5x^4 is polynomial of degree 4 with integer coefficient 1,2,0,-7. One common implementation of polynomial stores the degree of the polynomial and the lists of coefficients. This is implementation to be used in the exercise that follow.

exercise1. Write a declaration for polynomial class whose data members are an integer for the degree and an array for the lists of coefficient and with basic operation of input and output.

exercise2. Implement the input operation in exercise 1.

exercise 3. Implement the ouput operation in exercise 1. Display the polynomial in the usual mathematics format with x^n display as x^n.

exercise 4. Add an evaluate operation to your polynomial class that allows the user to enter a value for x and that calculate the values of the polynomial for that value.

exercise 5. Add an addition operation to your Polynomial class.

exercise 6. Add a multiplication operation to yor Polynomial class.

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