PHASE 5 Solved

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For the Phase 5 Individual Project assignment, you will complete the following two parts.Enhance your 3-page Web site by including more content with at least 1 additional style to your external style.css file and at least 1 additional asset. For the additional style, you may include the following:Various fonts
Various colors
Text alignmentFor the additional enhancement, you may include the following:Images or graphics
Mail-to link
A link to a map
Sound clips (optional)
Video clips (optional)

Submit the following to your instructor:1 complete Web site with the following:
3 .html Web pages with at least 1 additional enhancement
1 external style sheet with at least 1 additional style

At least 1 image file for the logo of your Web site
A screenshot of one of the pages of the Web site and either saved as an image file or placed in a Word document