Paraphrassing Tool in c Solved

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Paraphrasing Application

Paraphrasing is the process of rewording a text, often done for simplification or clarity. Implement a simple C++ console-based application for paraphrasing purposes, in the following manner.

  1. Create a class Dictionary that contains a list of words represented by class Word.
  2. A Word has a text (of type String, implemented in Assignment-2) and a list of synonyms, where each synonym is also represented as a (pointer to) Word.
  3. Dictionary shall load its list of words from a file that contains a list of words and synonyms, where each synonym is separated by a single white space character, as in the following example:
abandon discontinue vacate absent missing unavailable cable wire

calculate compute determine measure safety security refuge

  1. Create a class Paraphraser that:
    1. takes a text as input from the user and tokenize it into words.
    2. For each word, look it up in the Dictionary and replace it with a corresponding synonym (selected randomly in case of multiple options)
    3. Produce the output as paraphrased text